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Damascus Road Coffee Company

Brewing at home and on the road since 2015

We think coffee is important

But not as important as the conversation you have while sipping it. That’s why we will keep sourcing the best beans from the best local roasters to keep your conversations fuelled and meaningful.

The Beans

“Where’d you get them beans?”

Probably the most important question to ask before making coffee. We source the highest quality beans from trusted and ethical suppliers.

The Roast

“I get mango and cinnamon. You?”

A bean is only as good as its roast. Our roasters take the greatest care to bring out the notes you want to taste.

The method

“Uhmm… Can I just get a coffee?”

There are many ways to prepare coffee. We have worked hard to master every method there is. Be adventurous, try something new the next time you visit us.

Our Story

Damascus Road Coffee Company started as a small coffee shop in Stellenbosch. Our coffee and our friendly barista, Chisomo, quickly became famous among locals and visitors. We then started hitting the road with coffee in the boot and a neat mobile setup tailored to be easy to set up, look really good and produce the same quality coffee we’ve become famous for. Damascus on the Road is the mobile leg of the business. We love attending different events, from weddings to corporate functions, and seeing people’s faces light up when they taste our coffee.

Damascus on the road…

We love taking our coffee on the road. Whether it’s been at a wedding, a concert or a corporate function, we’ve seen countless faces light up at the taste of our coffee.

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